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Roots for Change

Together to the Future!

Roots for Change is a non-profit environmental organization founded in Zurich,
Switzerland in early 2019. We promote the use of renewable energy, water conservation
systems and sustainable agricultural practices, such as agroforestry or permaculture. We
work with communities in the Global South, in the Middle East and in Europe to enable
them to find the solutions they need in a selfdetermined way.
The purpose of Roots for Change is:

1. To raise public awareness of the need for ecological and social change
2. Support, development and promotion of projects, experiments, practical
applications and educations in the fields of ecology and sustainability,
agroecology and permaculture, recycling and circular economy, renewable
energies, water management, afforestation and biodiversity. This is
achieved through networking, knowledge transfer, capacity exchange and
practical work.
3. Preservation and restoration of traditional knowledge and practices in
dealing with nature as well as development and promotion of popular
knowledge in environmental management. Encourage citizens to
participate in environmental projects that improve the general well-being
of the community.
4. Organise trainings and work delegations to achieve the above objectives.
To share and disseminate knowledge

In our projects we work with many different experts and volunteers and professionals
from the fields of forestry, ecological agriculture, environmental sciences and
anthropology and engineers from the fields of water management and renewable

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0% Air Pollution
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