Project cooperation with Hasar

On 21st of February 2022, team members of Roots for Change met with Hasar organisation for Earth Sciences, another NGO in the city of Erbil, Kurdistan region of Iraq.

Hasar was founded in 2019 in Erbil and their aim is to fight climate change and pollution with the main project to develop a carbon-credit based called “1 million oak tree“ to be planted by December 2024. Since then the organisation grew to 60 members and over 400 volunteers across Erbil city and also in Sulamania and villages in the region.

They also work involving youth and local population in their projects, from the people in the villages growing oaks from seeds and saplings to the people working on planting the trees.

Their latest achievement resulted in planting over 60 000 oak tree in the city of Erbil on a big plot of land given by and with the support of the local government. They plan on planting another 50 000 trees in December 2022.

The oak trees which are native species and adapted to the climate of the region, only need supervizing and irrigation for the first 4 years, this raised the issue of the water and how to use the ressource in a sustainable way, leading to new projects of water recycling, collecting rain water and renewble energy such as solar panels.

We were very pleased to have met with Hasar organization as both our organizations shared the same vision to achieve sustainable future, for ecological and social change, water management, recycling as for examples.

We are looking forward to collaborating together on the road to sustainable future.

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