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Countries that are first affected by the effects of climate change have often a difficult time aquiring the materials and knowledge to setup renewable energy systems. We help communities in struggle by providing solutions which can be replicated using basic tools and technologies.


We believe that the practice of agro ecology has great potential for a more sustainable future. We provide education and practical support for communities in the Global South, in the Middle East and in Europe.


The consumption and waste of plastic is increasing every year, but working recycling systems are rare. Plastic waste is burned or moved to landfills, contaminates the soils and pollutes rivers and oceans. We work with affected communities, helping them to find ways out of the plastic flood.


Combating desertification is not an easy task an requires a structured approach that fits the affected communities. We help communities and regions by providing support and knowledge on tree planting, sustainable grazing practices, tree nurseries and other effective and multi-beneficial actions against desertification.

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